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Straatman BV
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Straatman BV is a leading manufacturer of quick release mooring and towing equipment. For more than 35 years, all their quick release hooks are engineered, manufactured and tested in their own factory, located in the Netherlands. Thanks to their facilities and the highly skilled workers they employ, they consistently deliver products of the highest quality to their global customers in several kind of industries.

Quick release hooks:

Straatman BV delivers quick release mooring systems worldwide for terminals, jetties, Buoys, FPSOs and FSRUs. Their mooring systems are high-quality products, to ensure the safe mooring of vessels carrying oil, gas and LNG. All quick release hooks are tested on their calibrated testing machine and all standard test certificates will be issued as part of the user manual. The systems are easy to use and support an efficient and safe port environment


All hooks are available in single and multiple assemblies and can be equipped with all kind of options, for example:


Remote release: All quick release hooks can be equipped with an electric or electric-hydraulic mechanism


Load monitoring: For a continuous measurement of the load, the quick release mooring and towing hooks can be equipped with load cells


Remote control: The remote release option can be integrated in a remote control system. 


Explosion proof: The quick release hooks are often used and located in a hazardous area. In these specific situations, all electrical parts are available in an explosion proof version. Each component will be supplied with an explosion proof certificate, in accordance with ATEX/IECEx.


Integrated capstans: The quick release hooks can be equipped with an integrated capstan that can be provided with several features. 


Solar power system: Straatman BV developed a sustainable power supply system based on solar panels, to power the capstan which is integrated in the quick release mooring hook. It’s the perfect solution in a situation where a regular power supply system is not preferred or even impossible.

Australian Representative

Chris Millwood
General Manager


Office 304, Lot 8 (Level 3)

182 Bay Terrace – Wynnum – QLD 4178

[p] +61 7 3177 3314   [m] +61 478 099 199

ABN: 72161840508

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