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ShibataFenderTeam is a leading supplier of marine fender systems and bollards, boasting one of the widest ranges of products within the industry.  With a team of experts, the manufacturing know-how of Shibata Industrial – over 100 years’ experience manufacturing industrial rubber products – and an extensive network of support offices and regional representatives, ShibataFenderTeam is the supplier of choice for many of the world’s busiest ports.




ShibataFenderTeam utilize their knowledge in the application and design of fenders systems to provide expert advice throughout the project design phase, and independent engineering services to complete detailed design and production drawings of all fender systems.



ShibataFenderTeam’s parent company, Shibata Industrial, is based in Japan, and has been manufacturing industrial rubber products for over 100 years, and marine fenders for more than 50 years.  All marine fenders are designed and tested in accordance with PIANC 2002 guidelines, ensuring the highest quality.



Manufacturing, testing, and delivery is managed through ShibataFenderTeam’s network of regional offices in Germany, USA, France, and Kuala Lumpur.  This ensures that all products meet the project requirements, and are delivered within the required timeframe.

Range of Products


System Fenders

System fenders comprise energy absorbing marine fenders (designed to absorb the kinetic energy of the ships while berthing) with fenders panels, low friction UHMW-PE pads and accessories.  Each system is custom designed, to cater to the specific design vessels, tidal range and support structure.


ShibataFenderTeam manufacture and supply three primary fenders for use in system fenders.

  • SPC Cone Fender

  • CSS Cell Fender

  • FE Element fender


Each system varies in geometry, however, all systems provide high energy, low reaction force and can be incorporated into a system fender suitable for most applications.

SPC Cone Fender

CSS Cell Fender

FE Leg Fender


Parallel Motion Fenders

ShibataFenderTeam’s experience includes design and supply of Parallel Motion fender systems.  Parallel Motion fender systems incorporate the use of an integrated torsion arm which controls the movement, and limits the vertical rotation of the panel, providing a no-tilt panel system.  By controlling the movement of the panel, fenders are able to be installed “in series”, which increases the amount of energy that can be absorbed by the system, while maintaining a low reaction force on the structure.

V-Type and cylindrical fenders

Extruded and Profile Fenders

Extruded fenders are manufactured in a range of Square and D-shaped profiles, and provide flexibility in application due to the ability to but cut and drilled to suit each specific application.  Sizes range from 150x150mm to 500x500mm.

Tug Boat Fenders

Custom Fender Systems

ShibataFenderTeam has developed a wide range of customised fenders systems to suit many unique and complex applications. These systems include Wheel Fenders, Roller Fenders, Cushion Rollers, Shear Fenders, Pile Fenders, Pivot Fenders and many more. 

Foam Filled Fenders

Foam Filled Fenders

Foam Filled fenders are manufactured from closed cell polyurethane foam, with a nylon filament reinforced skin.  The fenders can be manufactured in diameters up to 4.5m, and are an excellent option for applications where fenders are required to have a soft load deflection curve.  The fenders are low maintenance, non-marking and durable.

Parrallel Motion Fender systems

V-Type and Cylindrical fenders

V-Type and cylindrical fenders are commonly used for applications where smaller vessels are involved.  The fenders can either be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Extruded and profile fenders

Tug Boat Fenders

ShibataFenderTeam is a leading manufacture of Tug Boat fenders, which include the cylindrical bow and stern fenders and the M and W type fenders.  Bow systems can be joined at site, and pre-curved to suit each specific vessel.

custom fednder systems

Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic fenders use air pressure to provide a reaction force between two surfaces.  They can be used either portside or in vessel to vessel applications.  Pneumatic fenders also have the advantage that they are easy to transport, and are re-locatable.



ShibataFenderTeam have a range of bollards manufactured from either cast iron or cast steel.  Bollards are available in T-head, Kidney, Horn Type or various other models.  Load capacity from 10T up to 250T. 


Further information on ShibataFenderTeam’s complete range of products can be found below.  In addition, they have a comprehensive design guide, containing best practices in the design of marine fenders systems is available upon request.

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Chris Millwood

General Manager

Office 304, Lot 8 (Level 3)

182 Bay Terrace – Wynnum – QLD 4178

[p] +61 7 3177 3314   [m] +61 478 099 199

ABN: 72161840508

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